Relationships Are Built Not Awarded

Some things just take time… Sales representatives are under pressure to perform immediately. They often want to shortcut their way to results. I’ve managed and coached many new account managers and sales people throughout my career. In particular, the kind who will... read more

Five Ways to Improve Working Relationships

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average American worker spends more time on the job each day (8.5 hours) than doing anything else, including leisure time (2.5 hours) or sleeping (7.7 hours). Given that we spend so much time at the office, it’s... read more

Top Three Reasons Your Company Needs a Media Protocol

A media protocol — which is the procedure employees should follow if they are contacted by reporters — sets clear expectations for your team and helps manage your external messaging. Putting in place a company-wide media protocol is a good practice for external and... read more

Why You Should Consider Keeping a Media List In-house

Whether or not media outreach is a significant part of your organization’s marketing communications strategy, it can be a good idea to keep an updated media list in house. When it comes to media contacts, quality trumps quantity every time. Rather than distributing an... read more

Five Reasons You Need a LinkedIn Company Page

If you thought LinkedIn was just for job seekers, think again. Consider these five reasons your company needs a LinkedIn company page: LinkedIn is a portal to a marketplace full of current and potential customers. In fact, three million companies have LinkedIn Company... read more

Why Write a Corporate Social Responsibility Statement?

Many companies post corporate social responsibility statements on their websites. What’s the purpose of these statements and should your company write one. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) statements can help management articulate and reiterate the values of the... read more

Adding Accountability to Your Action Items

Recently, I worked with a CEO who was frustrated with his company’s current speed of execution. With my assignment, I sat in on their weekly staff meetings. To my surprise, no one was keeping a formal action item list! The meeting expectation had become focused on... read more

The Hidden Cultural Cost of Terminating to Save Money

Here’s the scenario: New Corp buys your 20-year-old company. They upgrade the ERP, add a new CRM, and see a positive bottom-line impact due to increased efficiencies. Then they turn their sights towards personnel. The company is profitable, so they are not required to... read more