Imagine the business impact of aligning corporate communications, values, and objectives

We are an idea-to-execution marketing agency

the impact of alignment

If you surveyed your customers and employees, could they tell you what makes your business stand out from the competition?

We help you articulate your core values and key messages. Externally, we help you reach and resonate with your key markets. Internally, we turn messaging into mantra, giving your team a clear vision. When you align external and internal communications with your business objectives, we watch you transform into the brand you aspire to be.


ThinkWell Consulting is idea-to-execution communication and marketing agency. We create, implement, and monitor your communications strategy to increase brand awareness, engage customers and employees, and ultimately help you achieve your business objectives.


What We Do For You

Create Brand Awareness

Improve your brand equity and expand your market.


Build an Audience

Create valuable original content to build a loyal community.

Generate Leads

Expand your customer base and grow your revenue.

Engage Employees

Increase employee satisfaction, loyalty, and productivity under a shared vision. Reduce turnover.

Manage Change & Culture

Shape a culture that supports your objectives and reduces uncertainty during a transition.

Attract New Hires

Grow your talent pool to better serve your customers.

our methodology

#1: Set Messaging Strategy

We start every engagement with our Core Values & Messaging (CVM) process where we learn about your goals, differentiators, and core values. We assess your current messaging and marketing activities, and then we develop a strategy as unique as your business.

#2: Implement Plan

Don’t have the in-house resources to put your communications strategy into action? No problem. With expertise in writing, digital media, web & graphic design, video, and change management, our team can fully implement your plan under the leadership of your assigned account manager.

#3: Monitor, Measure, Adjust

We believe in testing, monitoring, and adjusting to provide you with the best outcomes possible. For our digital activities, we use marketing automation software to measure your messages and audience engagement. We provide you with a real-time analytics dashboard. More importantly, we analyze the data to provide the best path forward.


Strategic, Tactical, and Responsive. 

William Mays

CEO, Return on Relationships, Inc.

ThinkWell has a very talented production team that creates logos, websites, marketing and PR campaigns, and all the products you’d expect from a marketing firm. Yet they go beyond to understand the intricacies of your business to craft messages and materials to exemplify the heart of what your business means to customers. That’s a rare talent in my experience.

Kathy Mast

CEO, Neuvo Now

Before my book was published, I started working with ThinkWell. They prepared me and helped make the most of my opportunity. I never would have had anywhere close to the success I’m having if I was not working with Thinkwell. I love working with them, they are like family.

Jason Morgan

Author, Speaker

ThinkWell helped us update our messaging aligning our core values, services, and the benefits we provide to our members. They designed a modern, easy-to-navigate website that brought together our many services, publications, and resources, which is a great deal of content given how many years we’ve been in business. We believe that we have a much-improved ability to reach out to new prospects given this new foundation.

Tim Riordan


Thinkwell has been a fantastic partner for Opargo. They have provided a range of key services including messaging, marketing, process improvement, and team building. And they have done this in a practical, usable, and implementable manner — something frequently lacking in my previous experience with other consulting firms.

Paul Wiley

CEO, Opargo, LLC