Management & Leadership Coaching

Looking to boost team’s morale? ThinkWell has the expertise you need for building your team, and your leaders. We use a number of proven tools including StrengthFinder, custom feedback reports, 360 reviews, and team games.

Individual Session

What happens in a coaching session?

  • Before the session, the individual takes the test online and the results are sent to ThinkWell Consulting.
  • The session is one hour (face to face preferred, but not required).
  • The individual receives a workbook that is used during the session.
  • The individual receives a 5x7 of their top 5 strengths that can sit on their desk or be hung on their wall.
  • The session is solely focused on the positives of their strengths. Often the meeting begins with this question: “How would you like it if people relied on you for doing things you love and are naturally good at?”

Team Session

What happens in a group session?

  • The group sessions are where all the parts come together as a whole.
  • With a heavy emphasis on interaction, aspiration, and fun, these sessions provide exceptional team building.
  • Parts of the presentation are presented in the style of various game shows such as Family Feud, Password, and Jeopardy (complete with music, sound effects, and game show buzzers!).
  • The outcome is a more cohesive group that better understands each other and views each other in a positive light.

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