Build Team Morale

Building a Strengths-Based Culture


We believe that focusing on strengths is the best approach to boost your team’s morale and to grow the potential of your current and future leaders.

Building a strengths-based culture means developing your employees based on their natural talents.

Imagine if you could spend the majority of your day focusing on your strengths and talents.



A Guide to StrengthsFinder Consulting

Why Build a Strength-Based Culture?

Developing Your Team Based on their Individual Strengths
Benefits Your Business


Increase in Employee Engagement


Lower Attrition in High Turnover Organizations


Higher Profit


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Strengths-Based Individual Session

Before the session, the individual takes a 30-minute online StrengthsFinder assessment, which is sent to the coach. Individuals leave the one-hour, face-to-face session embracing their strengths and with a methodology for describing their strengths to others. Participants receive a customized workbook and a 5X7 framed printout of their strengths as a constant reminder.

Leadership & Management Coaching

Ongoing leadership coaching centered around your individual needs, at a pace that works for you.

Strengths-Based Team Sessions

With a heavy emphasis on interaction, aspiration, and fun, these sessions allow teams to get to know each other individually, understand where they fit in the group, and learn the strengths of the team as a whole. We often use game shows such as Jeopardy and Family Feud (complete with music, sound effects, and game show buzzers!).

Change Management

Deploying proven change management methodologies, we set and implement the strategy for a positive transition. We also use custom feedback reports and 360 reviews to assess and improve your culture.

A Guide to StrengthsFinder Consulting
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