Core Values & Messaging Session

ThinkWell’s Core Values & Messaging (CVM) session is a two-hour, structured whiteboard session where we discover your key descriptors, values, differentiators, story, and narrative.

The resulting deliverable is a ~20-page CVM Guide that becomes the foundation for all of the content we develop for you including:


ThinkWell’s Core Values & Messaging Session (CVM) is a keystone of our methodology. The CVM is an extremely valuable communication and organizational tool because it:


  • Helps us understand the needs of your audience;
  • Imparts your core values and differentiators to the market;
  • Accelerates ThinkWell’s understanding of what makes your organization tick;
  • Saves you time because you don’t have to approve every social media post because you trust us with your key messages;
  • Creates an opportunity to remind your team about your core values — we know that a team who works with purpose builds a more effective organization.

It doesn’t matter how good your creative and design are if they don’t reflect your brand’s core values and messaging.